01 November 2006

Austin Powers sound board

I found this interesting sound board on the Internet through a long string of redirection. Click the blue button below to start.

Austin Powers, hm, the chap who once made me abashed, not because of his explicit langauge or act, but of my own ignorance.

Yes, I am a PhD student finishing a thesis on popular music, and indeed have read popular culture and mass media. However, in my own ivory tower full of esoteric, over-specialised, and probably useless research, I can only understand things "once" popular donkey years ago, rather than something popular at the moment. My colleagues are usually flabbergasted when I ask, with a slightly bemused expression on my face, what this film is about, who that chap is, or when on earth that comedy was produced.

I still remember how Mark responded when I told him I hadn't heard of The Muppet Show all my earthly life. I also remember how I startled some colleagues by casting out a question about the identity of this movie character when Mark gave a paper on film music with Austin Powers as an example in our departmental research seminar about two years ago.

No, I swear I'd never seen the Muppets and Austin Powers, not even heard of them! Nevertheless before I came to Stirling. Nevertheless, It doesn't matter anymore. I know them now, although there are still a horde of popular figures awaiting me.

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