17 November 2006

Engaged as a treasurer of a church

Today The Church of the Holy Rude formally engages me as the treasurer. Although it is a non-stipend position, I regard it as a token of trust and in recognising me as a valued member of the congregation.

Actually I was quite surprised when the presbytery asked me to take on the responsibility, as I am just an international PhD student, frankly speaking, a foreigner, one of the others to this country. I suppose the presbytery understand that I have a degree of MBA with a speciality in accounting and was once employed by a charted accountancy firm, and thus my calibre for this position. Moreover, I believe that they regard me as a respectable member of the community.

It's always my belief to get myself involved in the local community in all aspects. Since I have chosen to go abroad for further study and paid an awful lot of tuition, I definitely should participate in as many as possible activities in this country, to learn more about the people, the culture and the land.

Whether I'll settle down for good in Britain, it'll be an unforgettable experience in my life to be a treasurer of a church in Scotland.

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