10 August 2006

Maybe I should keep a weblog as well

I have been suffering from depression since late March and was finally put on medical treatment in May. Although I'm doing well and gradully regain my desire for food, my concentration just doesn't allow for long periods of sustained work.

However, it seems that it's easier to focus on something that has nothing to do with my doctoral thesis.

Some of my friends and colleagues have blogs and from time to time ask me why I don't have one. I always argue that it's impossible for a chap who is obsessed about keeping a handwritten diary all his life to manage a blog.

Nevertheless, I suppose, since I have made up my mind to set up a personal profile page on MySapce, it might be a good idea to scrawl a few words every several days, rather than to fool around all day checking emails every five minutes, going through every single article on The Times website, or chain-smoking and puffing it to those innocent birds in my back garden.

Though the garden is now blanketed in green with a wealth of bloom, smoking on the lawn does remind me of last bleak midwinter when I was struggling alone in Scotland.

Hence, why not give it a go?

Back Garden

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