24 August 2006

Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea

This is absolutely a stuning video clip praising Kim Jong Il, the leader (or actually the dictator) of North Korea, to the skies.

In a communist country like North Korea, nothing is impossible, as was in China before the bamboo curtain was raised and Chian opened up to the world. The state can simply launch the propaganda machine and convey whatever messages it desires. Even if the information delivered to the general public is truth, it always contain partisan bias and fail to present a complete and balanced consideration of the issue, let alone those exaggerated idle boasts.

Below are some other North Korean political propaganda video clips. I wonder what were on the minds of the artists who performed at the stage and the producer who edited the video clips when they were carrying out those 'missions' assigned by the state.

We may consider the contents of these video clips laughable; however, the images presented here would be the pride and joy of the beguiled North Korean people.

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