24 October 2006

Earning petty cash

Because I quit my cleaning job, as a cleaner supervisor, in January and haven't done any teaching since last academic year, I need new source of income to support the bloody final stage of PhD study, however little cash it may bring in.

Online surveys and some consumer sites are good bets. So far, I've joinedThese sites do gross me some cash. So far, I've got 700 Nectar points (worth 3.5 pounds in Sainsbury's) from MyTNS, 10-pound Tesco voucher from Valued Opions, 500 Taiwanese dollar cash (slightly less than 10 pounds) from CyberPanel, 500 Taiwanese dollar cash from EmailCash, 10-pound Bella Italia voucher from Pigsback and 15-pound gift voucher by keeping a two-week food diary for a project referred by MyTNS – that's about 60 pounds in total!

Well, although not a big fortune, all of these help towards the cost of living for poor Wei. If you are interested in earning some extra petty cash, try the above-mentioned websites.

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