04 September 2009


I decided, in the second year at university, not to play any instrument on stage, but rather only to talk or sing in public. Then I started learning throat singing, Chinese opera and, after moving to Scotland, joined the university choir, the church choir, the city choir and an operatic society.

After I came back in Taiwan, as I didn't join any choir or musical group, I stopped singing on stage, and nowadays focus on speaking in public – delivering lectures at universities and hosting concerts or live performances.

I have now moved a step further. It's still a matter of talking, with some more work of organising and scheduling. I am now the manager of SUPERGOTÁN, a quartet of a piano, an erhu (Chinese two-stringed bowed instrument), a guitar and a cello playing Argentina tango music with a new blend of timbres.

SUPERGOTÁN made a successful debut live performance at the Witch House, a sort of small coffee-shop-restaurant near National Taiwan University. Last night, the house was filled to capacity and surprisingly some officials from the Commercial and Culture Office of Argentina in Taiwan were among the audience.

Unfortunately, we were not equipped with proper video or audio recording devices. I can only provide two pieces from our demo CD which we recorded in June.


(La cumparsita)

For those who would like to know more about our repertoire, below is the programme we had last night.

1st set
  • Danzarín — Tango, instrumental (Julián Plaza)
  • Volver — Cancíon (Carlos Gardel - Alfredo Lepera)
  • Organito de la tarde — Tango (Cátulo Castillo - José González Castillo)
  • El pollo Ricardo — Tango, instrumental (Luis Fernandez)
  • Sur — Tango (Aníbal Troilo - Homero Manzione)
  • Milonga de mis amores — Milonga (Pedro Laurenz - José María Contursi)
  • Romance de barrio — Vals (Aníbal Troilo - Homero Manzi)
  • La clavada — Tango, instrumental (Ernesto Zambonini)
2nd set
  • Don Agustín bardi — Tango, instrumental (Horacio Salgán)
  • Niebla del Riachuelo — Tango (Juan Carlos Cobián - Enrique Cadícamo)
  • GALLO Gallo ciego — Tango (Agustín Bardi)
  • Soledad — Cancíon (Carlos Gardel- Alfredo Lepera)
  • Adiós Nonino (Astor Piazzolla - Eladia Blázquez)
  • Flor de lino — Vals (Héctor Stamponi - Homero Expósto)
  • La puñalada — Milonga (Pintín Castellanos - Celedonio Flores)
  • La cumparsita — Tango (Gerardo Matos Rodríguez)

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