29 August 2009

Bullshit corner in Stirling

I like traditional pubs or bars where no music is played. Maybe nowadays people just fancy something that would split their ears, but head-banging music is definitely not my cup of tea. I don't wish to shout at each other against the ever bombarding loud music to make the conversation audible.

Moreover, people in the traditional pub are more friendly. Barmen or barmaids always remember your name and favourite drink; sometimes before you actually order, a pint is ready for you.

Port Customs Bar used to be my local when I studied in Stirling. During my short visit in Stirling, I managed to spend a Saturday afternoon to have several pints of my favourite Balhaven and to catch up with old friends there.

Everything looks pretty much the same as before, except a few interesting plates added. I discovered the BULLSHIT CORNER when Sandy, a Scottish gentleman who took me to the wonderful world of Glenmorangie four years ago, told me that I was allowed to bullshit at the BULLSHIT CORNER.

Fanne has just bought a flat and we are hoping to move in in early October. It may be a good idea to have such a plate on one corner of the kitchen island.

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