16 September 2009

Unsophisticated four-poster for my new flat

It has been my dream for so long; I've always wanted to have a four-poster. And now, I'm so excited to see the dream come true.

Fanne and I bought a flat last month and have been recently busy looking for suitable furniture and domestic appliances. Although I just let Fanne decide the style of the home's interior and choose whatever items she fancies, I insist that there must be a four-poster in the main bedroom.

However, it seemed that all four-posters available in Taipei were oversized and ritzy, and none of them would fit in our bedroom. Considering the size of the bedroom, to my utmost disappointment, I had no alternative but to give up this long-held dream.

Somehow, with a bit of luck, I discovered an unsophisticated, 5-foot wide one yesterday when Fanne and I visited Scanteak for a chest of drawers and wardrobes.

Wow, from the abyss of disillusionment to the top of the world, I'm looking forward to seeing our new home with a four-poster. This really reminds me of a song in one entry I posted last year.

I don't need something posh, just fulfil my wish.

(Eddie Cantor, Roman Scandals, 1933)

Build A Little Home
Lyrics: Al Dubin
Music: Harry Warren

We'll always have a roof above us as long as there's a sky.
And if we have someone to love us, we're sure of getting by.
We don't need a lot of log and stone.
Build a home on happiness alone.

With a million little stars, we can decorate the ceiling
With an optimistic feeling when we build a little home.
Ev'ry single little dream is a shingle or a rafter.
We can paint the house with laughter when we build a little home.
It's not a palace nor a poor house, but the rent is absolutely free.
This is my house, but it's your house if you'll come and live with me.
With a carpet on the floor made of buttercups and clover,
All our troubles will be over when we build a little home.

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