09 September 2009

Splendid performance of cappella singing and beatboxing

(Unbelievable, what you are to hear in this video clip is pure human vocals, with no instruments nor sound effects.)

While a cappella singing is a style of vocal music without instrumental accompaniment, beatboxing refers to a kind of vocal technique with which one, through a series of noises or popping sounds made with the mouth, lips and tongue, produces drum beats and rhythm and imitates sounds of musical instruments and effects of turntablism.

There have been some artists, such as Bobby McFerrin and Swingle Singers, who are famous for their highly acclaimed a cappella singing with instrumental emulation. However, it is the Voca People that really makes me flabbergasted and speechless. This group tell me how beatboxing can be integrated into a cappella singing and how versatile human voices can be.

PS Thank Esther for introducing this group to us by sharing this video on facebook.

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