09 February 2013

New year couplet for the year of the Snake

Although sometimes regarded as an eccentric by my relatives, sometimes I am old-fashioned. For example, I insist on writing my own new year couplet (春聯 chunlian) with a Chinese brush every year, rather than buying a commercially mass-printed one.

Again I compose another pair of lines, which have something to do with music and the academia, for the year of the Snake, roughly translated as

Studying extensively poetry and literature, I dream of prosperity in the ancient capital (遍覽詩書夢華錄);
Knowing broadly tuning and musicking, I listen to sounds of this secular world (博通律呂觀世音).

The couplet also comes with a banner: Scholars and laymen be greeted in spring (雅俗同迎春).

I'm not sure, but my wife Fanne comments that I am improving and the handwriting is better than last year.  Better or worse, it's the tradition of the Chens and will be carried on by my son.

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