01 February 2013

Fetching a snake money box for the year of the snake

(Six money boxes released by a department store in Taiwan since 2008, from left: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake)

Once you start to collect some things, especially those which can make up certain group, you have to be prepared to feel all the time an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess a complete series, to become irredeemable.

Just as how I maintain the ritual of counting down to New Year at the same spot and then taking a photo thereafter since the year end 2006, I have been chasing after the money box in the shape of a specific Chinese zodiac animal for the year of that animal since 2008.

Shin Kong Mituskoshi, the biggest department store chain in Taiwan, began to issue ceramic saving banks in shapes of twelve Chinese zodiac animals in 2008. Twelve different ones will come in the twelve ensuing years. It can only be redeemed for or bought when a customer spends more than certain amount of money, not to be purchased straightaway.

This morning, I have just fetched the sixth–the snake. It takes six more years to complete a series of the twelve animals. I am so determined to collect a whole series and will visit this department store every year as long as I still reside on earth.

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