06 March 2013

Ronne's third birthday

(Three-year-old Ronne making birthday wishes)

Yesterday was my son Ronne's third birthday.  Time flies; he is three now.

Thanks to the development of digital cameras and other mobile devices with the function of shooting photos or videos, we can now catch important moments of our life nimbly with confidence.  Therefore, look at these three photos taken respectively on Ronne's last three birthdays and see how Ronne has grown over the last three years.

(Two-year old Ronne clapping hands and singing the birthday song with grandparents and mum)

(One-year-old Ronne patrolling to safeguard his birthday cake)

Thanks to the invention of weblogs and social networking websites, many people can now express their views and distribute multimedia works in the cyber world across temporal and spatial boundaries.  I have been sharing with my readers sounds of the gramophone records for quite some time, as well as photos of my son.  Although, Principal Wei's Weblog stopped for several months in 2012, it resumed on the New Year's Day in 2013.

As the first entry I created this year is a photo of me and my son, I am now fully assured that when you have a baby and happen to have a digital camera, the number of the photos you would take for your child within a month will probably far exceed that of the images you have captured for yourself in the first half of your life.  Moreover, if you happen to maintain a blog, it will become an online album for the photos you would take for your child.

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