12 November 2011

I Want Your Love

(Listen to 'I Want Your Love' by Grace Chang released in 1957 Hong Kong on Pathé label)

Haven't purchased records from eBay for a while and thus haven't share with my readers great music transferred from 78 rpm records.

There you go—'I Want Your Love (我要你的愛)' by Grace Chang (or Ge Lan 葛蘭 known to most Chinese speakers ).

This is a 1957 Chinese cover version of Georgia Gibbs's 'I Want You To Be My Baby', which is indeed a 1955 cover as well of Louis Jordan's original recording made in 1953.

The instrumental arrangement of Grace Chang's version is quite similar to that in Georgia Gibbs's, and a huge part of the original English lyrics are kept to make this song a Mandarin/English combo. However, Grace not only articulates each English word with precision, but also creates her own interpretation, even with more of playful allure in a commanding tone.

Below are the English lyrics in Grace Chang's combo version. See if you can follow.

Listen to your mama and you never will regret it
And if anybody wonders you can tell them that I said it
The only thing I know is that I never can forget ya
I've been longin' for ya baby ever since the day I metcha
I gotcha where I want'cha and I'm never gonna let'cha
Get away from me

Hear what I tell ya
I'm the gal for you and so you'd better start to face it
If you ever lose my love you know you can't replace it
I think it's time for you to start to give me some lovin'
Carryin' a torch for you that's hotter than an oven
It's time for you to give me a little bit of lovin'
Baby, hold me tight and do what I tell you

I can, with my eye, but cannot with my tongue.

Enjoy Georgia Gibbs's to make a comparison with Grace Chang's.

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