26 April 2010

Who would make a good parent?

(Hey, what are you searching for?)

(Obviously you've learnt when to look into the lens.)

Holding a baby is a delightful, as well as delicate, job. Because a newborn baby's neck muscles are quite weak and hence has little control over the head, when holding an infant, it is of utmost importance to support the head and neck at all times to prevent the head from flopping back.

While many people would not try to hold a young baby, some do enjoy having an infant in their arms. However, those who want to start a family will have to do it sooner or later, and what's more, they will have to bathe their newborns as well (another tough but enjoyable task).

Some of my colleagues came to visit Fanne and Ronne last Saturday and certainly they all had to perform a ritual, from which one would hardly escape when paying a visit to a newborn baby—holing the infant. Thus, the two parents and three guests had their photos shot as a memento of this event.

Whether single or in a relationship or married, as none of our visitors has already started a family, last Saturday's visit was absolutely a good exercise for them.

So, who would make a good parent?

(Lucy, single, a member in my database construction team, who started working in 'my' office even before I started)

(Jing-Ting, in a relationship, my teaching assistant, who was awarded Distinguished Teaching Assistant for two terms in a row)

(Carla, married, a former member in my database construction team, who still works in the same office with me)

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