15 November 2007

Deleting Angkor Wat

I am not suggesting that I'm gonna emulate the Taliban by bombing the UNESCO world heritage Angkor Wat. I am talking about ceasing to compose the commissioned Angkor Wat soundtrack.

It was indeed great fun to write music for this word heritage site, but it's irritating to have a client who wouldn't sign the contract before making more requests. The production team couldn't even decide whether they should use my composition or a track of copyrighted music which they felt too complicated to obtain permission to use.

What's the point of engaging a composer if the proposed CD track is still preferred? What's the point of reworking the score if the client can't make the decision?

While they may leave it in abeyance, I'd rather quit. I enjoy composing but not making alteration time after time against my own aesthetic for a client who doesn't even sign the contract.

Let me remove the blooming Angkor Wat from my work schedule and send the work-in-progress score to the 'closed' folder.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wei,
As a "Custmer", I reject designer or writer's works in some cases. About 2 years ago, I fell out with my best friend, Kapa (she is an Aries, too) because my colleague didn't want to pay her money after she finished the marketing proposal which we didn't like it. I made a mistake that I ignored the difficulty in judging an idea or art work. It's also hard to price ackowlege workers' effort. Now, in MS Corp., we need to request a purchase order and get manager's approval before we ask vendor to do anything. It's not so convienent sometimes, but I think it will avoid lots of troubles.