08 February 2007

So, what happened to me?

PhotoDuring my short stay in Taiwan last December, I not only found the historical recording of my childhood singing but also retrieved quite a few passport-sized photos taken at different ages of my life. I have posted the six-year-old Wei in the previous entry and also made it the display picture of my MSN account.

Hong-Lin asked me the other day after seeing the lovable, innocent six-year-old Wei on MSN, 'So, what happened to you later?' Well, I don't know. Blame the hot humid climate and overburdened life in Taiwan, or just blame myself for being an ever-worrying thinker.

Certainly, our appearances change while we grow up, yet in my case, it seems to be a series of metamorphoses rather than a gradual change. Although not as drastic as a tadpole transforming into a frog, the striking contrast between the first and the last is self-evident.
  1. 6 years old, first day of primary school
  2. 10 years old, shot for my first passport
  3. 11 years old, graduating from primary school
  4. 12 years old, butch haircut for junior high school
  5. 15 years old, graduating from junior high school
  6. 16 years old, first year of senior high school
  7. 18 years old, graduating from senior high school
  8. 21 years old, fourth year in the university
  9. 22 years old, awarded a bachelor degree of science
  10. 24 years old, awarded a master degree of business administration
  11. 24 years old, shot before my first visit to China
  12. 25 years old, serving as a military police officer in national service
Do you see what I mean by metamorphosis?

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Anonymous said...

I met you when you were in stage VII, 18 years old. :)