01 March 2007

Advertising song commission

I was commissioned by a friend last year to write an advertising song for his biotechnology company, Springsbio. However, as I had been busy finishing my thesis, I didn't even lay down one note on my Sibelius until Chinese New Year, let alone arrangement and instrumentation.

This friend made a very strange request. The song has to be pentatonic but not too Chinese, easy to sing along but not too clichéd and similar to other existing successful advertising songs but not lacking originality. Goodness gracious, what will it be?

For some years, I've written music for theatre, advertising jingles and arrangement for church hymns and worship songs, but none of my 'patrons' has ever made such challenging specifications. Spending all day Tuesday, I put theories, concepts and his requirements together and carved out this quasi-scherzo, playful tune.

Lighthearted as it sounds, the motive is absolutely heavily serious. He and his colleagues are all satisfied with this short piece. Thanks to this challenging commission, all the symptoms of PSS (post-submission syndrome), which have been making me disoriented since I submitted, were drastically alleviated. Nevertheless, I wonder how this song would match the image of a biotech company.

Come on, give me more exacting musical tasks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wei,
Here comes the advertising song of Tatung Co. http://share.youthwant.com.tw/sh.php?do=D&id=16001422
Please download the zipped flash file. :)