17 January 2011

A table for a table top gramophone

I was going to fetch myself just one table for a table top gramophone, but, trapped into their promotional offer and unable to resist it—25% off on a second item of any furniture, finally ended up buying one more chair.

Since HMV 103 is designed as a table top gramophone and thus shall not just lie on the floor, I have be hunting for a proper 'table' for it. This machine measures 15" wide and 18¼" deep. However, as side tables or hallway tables usually come in no more than 15" deep, not until last Saturday, after a two-month search, did I find an ideal piece at Piin, a home product and furniture dealer who imported to Taiwan items from over 20 countries all over the world.

Now the table top stands firmly on a table befittingly as it ought, whereas its master can ensconce in this unsophisticated, elegant carved wood chair.

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