03 January 2010

Grannie's dining table and chairs

(The house partially concealed by the huge blooming bougainvillea tree on the right, where Fanne spent her childhood and teenage years before she went to university)

Fanne has just transferred from her digital camera to my laptop some photos we took last December when we had a holiday in Hualian, the harbour town where Fanne grew up.

It was not a holiday; we actually went to Hualian to arrange delivery of a dining table set, which we were to take by order of her Majesty, my mother-in-law.

As the table-and-chair set were bought in 1993 when Fanne left home for university and she didn't dine at it very much, I suppose, my mother-in-law would like her grandchild to be fed and raised up at this table.

Because the house has been vacant for more than ten years, a pane of the exterior doors was jammed and the table could not go through the gateway. As a result, it took me some time to take apart the windows so that the table could be moved out of the house.

Hey my lad, since, about ten weeks before your due date, we went to Mum's home to collect Grannie's dining table in sweated labout , you'd better cultivate good table manners or you'll be ordered to take them back to that house.

02 January 2010

Here comes 2010

(Click to enlarge and see how slowly my hairs grew in the past few years)

As mentioned in the blog post last year, I've taken another new year photo.

For the fourth time in a row since the year end 2006, I went to the 188-second fireworks display staged at the Taipei 101 Tower ushering in the new year.

Of course Fanne stood beside me as in the last three times, but we had one more member, who had no choice but was forced, to accompany us—our expected baby. I'm sure this member will be with us again counting down to 2011, with no choice.