07 February 2010

My contribution to the Course Database for General Education

I've spent almost forty days since the New Year Day 2010 and now finally completed a package of course materials for my award-winning 'Musical Cultures Around the Globe'. I can now relax and waiting for the baby to come.

After receiving the award, I was soon commissioned by the General Education TW to make a package of course materials, including PowerPoint sides, audio-visual clips, handouts, reading lists and other necessary stuff, for the Course Database for General Education. These materials will be added to the database and soon available for all the university lecturers and professors in Taiwan.

Apart from the introductory chapter, there are 14 units in this course – an opening chapter dealing with general ideas of music in different cultures and the record industry, 12 chapters on specific regions or peoples and a concluding chapter on music and culture exchange among different regions and in the global market.

It's good to be recognised; it's also good to be requested to contribute.

One day, if my son takes a course at university in world music (or musical cultures around the globe, the title I personally prefer to 'world music'), he will probably encounter the slides and reading lists designed by his father.


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