21 February 2010

Warm sunshine for a spring boy

It's the end of the nine-day Chinese New Year holiday, as well as the longest-ever five-week winter vacation (students in Taiwan usually have 20 days off for winter break). The new semester will commence tomorrow and it is sunny again after an endless rainy period.

For the first three weeks of the vacation, I had been busy working on the package of course materials for 'Musical Cultures Around the Globe', as mentioned in the previous entry. Then I spent another week before the New Year holiday preparing more supplementary course materials, in addition to the completed powerpoint slides, such as lists of further reading and audio-visual resources, copyright information of all the audio-visual content used in this course pack.

Finally, Fanne and I passed the cold, rain-soaked New Year in Taipei, most of the time at home, as we are expecting our baby on 1st March and advised not to take long-distance trips.

It's been wet throughout the New Year holiday but the sun broke through this morning at last. Although I have no idea if my boy will be a cold weather person, just like his father, I'm sure he would rather arrive on earth on a warm spring day than on a bone-chilling raining day.

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