11 October 2008

Guards and students KO'd by heat

Currently in different countries as they are, it can be assured that, if meeting together after reading my previous post, Prof Ricardo Canzio, Dr Inez Templeton and Miss Margaret Hendry would first shake their heads, probably at the same frequency, and then offer their comment in unison
Wei (or Chih-Wei as Canzio usually addresses), don't exaggerate!
Well, I didn't. It was true. It's baking, piping, scorching and whatever-ing hot yesterday. It was so hot that four honour guards and three girl students fainted at the three-hour long ceremony (Read this news article from The China Post for more details).

Although it was reported that they might not have got heatstroke, I do believe it was the heat that floored them. I didn't exaggerate.

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