16 February 2007


After working for three days without sleeping a wink, I went to the University this morning and submitted the bloody thesis. Finally, it's finished.

Nevertheless, I don't think I'm going to sleep well tonight nor tomorrow nor in the future. It's probably a post-submission syndrome and only can be cured after I pass the viva and get the degree.

Right, as Pedro suggested, I shall have a bus-load, no, probably lorry-load, of braised lionheads.


Anonymous said...

congratulations wei- well done mate! And l'm sure not sleeping because you have handed something in is better than not sleeping because you haven't!
Seriously though, nice one!

Inez Templeton said...

WOW! That's great news Wei. Now you can start worrying about your Viva...

Ha! I know that wasn't very nice. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and don't let the idea of being trapped in a room with scholars who have dissected every line of what you've written keep you awake at night.

Okay, I did it again. Sorry.... CONGRATULATIONS!!

Nunes said...

Congratulations Wei! You survived the printing process so you are now more than ready to handle the Viva.

You must let me know how to spell that meal: I have always assumed it was braising lionheads though I couldn't spot any ressemblace with a lion!

Wei said...

Bloody hell! I can't even spell my speciality dish correctly. I'm just too tired.

It's Braised Lionheads. I'll write something about the authentic (haha, don't ask what 'authentic' really means) lionhead in my next post.