05 February 2007

Wei's childhood singing

6 year oldI discovered something last December when I was back in Taiwan: a historical recording of my singing at the age of three made by Dad.

(As I don't have any photo of the 3-year-old Wei at hand, this one was shot when I went to primary school at the age of 6.)

There are three tunes, but I can only identify the first and the last. The first is a Chinese folk song 'Jasmine Blossom' (Molihua or in Chinese characters 茉莉花) and the third a nursery rhyme 'The Big Rooster' (Da gongji 大公雞). As for the second one, not even Mum can tell what the hell it is.

Time passes by; I'm going to be 32 in April. It's absolutely amazing that I found this 29-year-old cassette tape. I'm going to get my doctorate in April as well, a degree of PhD in musicology, yet how out-of-tune I sang when I was a wee boy! Who on earth knew when I was only three that some day I would do a PhD in music ?

Listen to Wei's childhood singing!

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Anonymous said...

lovely! Me and Jade laughed.