31 July 2007

Photos from the wedding reception in Taipei

Our photographer sent us two DVDs holding 968 photos three days after the wedding reception in Taipei. While Fanne has been doing her damnedest to choose some, from them to make an album, I don't think this will be done by the end of this year. How could my picky, fastidious wife make up her mind about those shots from the happy moment within six months? No way.

Anyway, here come some photos I chose by myself.

(Our stylish reception venue, view from the top table)

(Fanne's father taking her into the venue)

(Raising our glasses in a toast to our parents and other guests at the top table)

(Retreating from the venue to change. It is the custom in a Taiwanese wedding reception that the bride has three dresses – the first worn when she arrives at the venue, the second changed half way through the reception and the third for seeing off the guests at the door of the hall)

(Walking into the venue again with the bride in a nice dinner dress)

(Singing to Fanne's accompaniment. A Scottish groom is not allowed to talk, let alone to sing, in a Scottish wedding, but today I'm a Taiwanese groom)

(Last-minute rehearsal before the reception)

(A quick shot outside the venue when the guests were being fed)

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