01 February 2011

Writing my own Chinese New Year couplet

I don't think I'm good at Chinese calligraphy at all but I write my own new year couplet (春聯 chunlian) with a Chinese writing brush every year. I usually prepare two pairs of couplets, one to be hung outside beside the main door of my flat and the other of my office at National Taiwan University.

Since I regard myself as a musicologist, the couplet must have something to do with music. This year I compose a pair of lines which may be translated roughly as
"Southern school and northern style win a standing ovation (南音北管滿堂彩);
Court music and secular ditties be praised throughout seasons (雅樂俗謠四季紅)."
The handwritting may not be perfect, but I hope the couplet bring me some good luck in the year of the rabbit—the year of my zodiac sign.

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Travel France Online said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai from cold England.

May the Year of the Rabbit bring you Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness!
Best wishes from DeeBee