26 September 2008

Tango at lunch break

('Romance de Barrio' by Aníbal Troilo and his orchestra, singer: Floreal Ruiz)

I do not tango just as I do not dance at all. However, I listen to and sing tangos.

May and I attended Tango fever - Tango Argentina!!, a lunch concert organised by Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture (台新銀行文化藝術基金會), at Taishin Tower (台新金控大樓), the headquarters of Taishin Holdings (台新金控) in Taipei. The concert today was one of the regular Good Afternoon Music series.

The iTango Orchestra began with 'Por Una Cabeza' and finished up with 'La Cumparsita', probably the two essential pieces for any popular tango concert. The rest on the programme were:
  • four tangos: 'Derecho Viejo', 'Vida Mía', 'Danza Maligna', 'Libertango'
  • two milongas: 'La Luciérnaga', 'Corralera'
  • one vals: 'Romance de Barrio'
  • one tango canción, I guess, which I've never heard before: 'Claudinette'
Although it was a 'tango' concert, my favourite one today was 'Romance De Barrio', because it was the only vals they presented today. Somehow I believe I may have developed a liking for tango waltz although there are not many pieces of vlas in the whole tango repertoire.

The concert was a great success. All the seats were taken and if the floor hadn't been carpeted, some tango aficionados would have swayed around at the hall.

Perhaps one day I will ask Fanne to take tango lessons with me, because one day she would get bored with accompanying me on piano, and likewise I might be fed up with singing to her accompaniment all the time.

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