23 June 2008

First wedding anniversary


Time flies at twice the speed of my life; suddenly it's our first wedding anniversary. Whereas two days ago on the summer solstice, which by chance fell on a Saturday this year, we went for a hike and surprisingly retrieved the long-lost cicada song, what are we supposed to do on this supposedly special occasion, which unluckily comes about on the first working day of the week?

I gave Fanne a card, a coffee spoon made of Slitti's extra-bitter chocolate, with which she can stir sugar and milk in her coffee while it dissolves, and some Arabica coffee beans coated with Slitti's pure, extra-dark chocolate. She invited me a meal at an Italian-style restaurant, Pasta West East.

So it was our paper anniversary.

(close look at Slitti's chocolate spoon and coffee beans coated with chocolate, images from Lucullian Delights, the author of which obviously happens to share with me the same taste in cioccolato)

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HappyComfort said...

for your anniversary you look into your wifes eyes and hold her and tell her she is the world to you. That you can't live without her!
Then you take her to a romantic spot and give her a token of your love such as a locket etc. Then take her to dinner. Then take her home and show her very much affection. That should do it. heehee!