28 June 2007

More photos from my Scottish Wedding

I've just been back from the honeymoon and attended the graduation ceremony with my wife. I came to Scotland with a Fiancée and now I amd going back to Taiwan with my doctorate and a wife. I still remember that whenever I was awarded a prize or received a good ranking in my class at primay school, my mum always said to me
It's OK. Being ranked as the fifth in your class is not good enough as it's not the third; the third is not good either as it's not the second; the second is just so-so as it's not the first; the first is OK as other people more or less win their first ranks in something in their life as well. It's really not something special.
It is the way in which I was brought up: whatever you achieve, it's OK. However, I believe she should be proud of me now. I've got my degree, a wife and friendship and support from the congregation in my church and people in the local community.

(Bridesmaid my sister Liwen, bride Fanne and her auntie Joy)

(Bridesmaid and bride before the procession)

(Lo and behold, the six-foot-long train)

(Keep smiling)

(And we just couldn't stop smiling)

(Another photo of groom and bride)

(With my fellow choir members of the Church of the Holy Rude)

(Fanne's uncle Richard who presented her to the marriage, best man Yung-Yao and myself)

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Anonymous said...

Wow凡夫人這件婚紗跟項鍊好雅緻,氣質真好!那張And we just couldn't stop smiling絕對是我們同學十幾年裡面,你最帥氣的樣子!大小登科雙喜臨門,是人生最幸福的時刻吧!